Some background about the artist

John Cheng

John Cheng was born in Taiwan. He received his first award from Taiwan's Provincial Children's Exhibition at the age of 10. His formal art education started at Taipei Normal School Art Department. Later, he enrolled in the National Academy of Arts, where he dedicated two years of advanced study at the National University of Arts in Tokyo, majoring in Oriental Painting.

John held his first individual exhibition in Taipei, at the at of 16. He has also been invited to exhibit in the National Museum of Arts in Taiwan, and the National Museum of Fine Arts in Tokyo. Some of his works have been collected by these museums. Participating in numerous major exhibitions in Taiwan, Tokyo and many parts of the United States, he won many awards at various art exhibitions. He is a member of The Asian Artist Friendship Association and The Chinese Artists Association.

John is equally versed in Western and Oriental techniques. He has succeeded in infusing the two into a harmonious whole. Through his work, one can detect the blended essences of realistic and abstract style — the smooth gracefulness emitted through the brush strokes, color and composition go deeper than mere visual attraction.